Did children destroy the music industry?

Growing up we’ve all loved a boy band or girl band buying t-shirts, posters, records, CD’s and more. But did children in the music industry destroy the authentic sound and mastery of music. But according to one music historian the children in the music industry is and was a plus. opening the door to more opportunities, diversity and new ideas.

“But its not even just their talent thats helped the music Industry” Says Maximus, if anyone bought Merchandise like Poster/ T-shirts/ or Even Records, thats even better.The more merch thats sold, the more the word would spread about those certain bands he explains.

Although merch is one of the best ways to promote the different groups, other promotional tolls could be used in a very effective way. Tools back then consisted of Music Videos/ Live Performances/ TV Interviews (and performances) all helped bring more diversity in the music Industry.

“Children in the music industry has helped diversity bringing different cultures and genders together”, explains Maximus Keyes, music historian, producer and Bass player of K.O. “M” Band.