Exciting Live Band To Perform At Indianapolis  Black Vegan Fest

Sibling Sensation K.O. “M” Cross Genres’ Of Music Band Scheduled To Perform Live At Indianapolis Indiana Black Vegan Fest

For Immediate Release:

The sibling sensation Indianapolis based band K.O. “M” will be performing their classic soul and blues review at this years Indianapolis Black Vegan Fest. There concert will include classic song covers from Jill Scott, Lauren Hill and Tina Turner to name a few. If you’ve never heard them perform you are in for a treat, they have a  unique way of mixing and mashing up two or more music genres’ for a unique sound like no other. You will surely be tapping your toes and sing along while enjoying some amazing Vegan Food Vendors.

image of band in indianapolis

Because of the popular rise of veganism, vegan fest have become more and more popular not only in the states but around the world. “Our mother is a vegan, so it seems only natural for us to be performing at Indianapolis Black vegan festival that celebrates her eating lifestyle,” says, Max, lead guitarist, basses and producer of sibling sensation  band K.O. “M”

What’s the difference between a black vegan fest and just and traditional vegan festival? A Black vegan fest is not only an event to experience vegan food and vegan merchandise, but a place where traditional soul food cuisine dishes are transformed into tasty and very flavorful vegan master pieces.

Studies have shown that many African Americans across the country are turning vegan do to the health benifits that come with having a vegan lifestyle. So no better place to try some vegan dishes for the first time or indulge yourself in some great vegan food while enjoying the festivities and a band that will be performing some traditional soul music at this years Vegan Fest.

K.O. “M” Cross Genre Of Music Band will be performing through out this amazing event Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 12:00 until 5:00 Grab your family and friends and make your way to The Black Vegan Fest for a lot of amazing food and Live Music from K.O. “M” Cross Genre of Music Band Mark your Calendars for this Family Friendly event.

For more information and a great musical virtual or in-person interview with the band member, call 866.230.9808 or email info@komband.com